About Us.

Introduction of Glenisys Ltd.

Glenisys Software Developer and System Integrator Ltd.  is a Hungarian owned company founded in 1999. As a member of Jura group Glenisys develops special prepress systems for the “high-security“ market to produce protected documents (banknotes, indentity and other security documents) against counterfeiting.

The group offers prepress solutions for the whole field of security printing. With its worldwide successful GS Security Design Software packages it became possible to prepare all the graphical elements of  banknotes and security documents to be printed with intaglio digitally, on a computer. The Direct Laser Engraving (DLE®) equipment for producing intaglio printing plates by laser technology is developed jointly with Austrian Banknote Printing Works (OeBS) and are marketed and sold worldwide exclusively by Jura. Representing the newest technologies, Glenisys is developing a quality control system (GS Plate QC) for inspecting digital security design artwork materials and intaglio, dry-offset and wet-offset printing plates at final stages before printing. This system can be integrated into any other existing prepress design workflow.

The specialists of Glenisys install the products at the customer, train the staff and provide support to the customer through electronic media, or on-site worldwide, even after the guarantee period. As part of Jura group the company regularly participates and hold presentations by its experts on conferences and exhibitions organised for this specific industry. The products of the company group are being used in more than 50 countries of the world.